Live Recording

We now offer a live recording service available with our pa systems or as a stand alone.
  • Up to 48 tracks at any one time on dedicated audio hardware
  • Mixed down on either our Soundcraft analogue board in our main studio or on a dedicated audio computer system in our post production studio
  • We can record in venues, practice rooms, houses, or at our studio.
  • A good range of industry standard microphones to choose from.
  • Vocal Overdubs can be recorded afterwards using studio condenser microphones.
  • Easily the cheapest way of getting a professional product.
  • A Range of post production packages available from one mix across all songs or each song can be mixed individually.
  • Option to buy WAV files for D.I.Y. (destroy it yourself) mixing or to ship out to another studio facility for mixing.
Item Price
Tracking of show with DVD of WAV Files (Stand Alone) £100 + 25p per mile round trip*
Tracking of show with DVD of WAV Files (with our PA**) £50 + PA costs
Tracking of show with one mix for the whole show*** (Stand Alone) £150
Tracking of show with one mix for the whole show *** (with our PA) £100
Subsequent studio hours for overdubbing or mixing of individual tracks £25 per hour

* extra fees will be incurred if event is further than 250 miles round trip
** which includes any of our sound systems with a sound engineer, payment for pa system is as well as recording fee.
*** show will have a generic mix for all songs on the show.